WLMUninstaller 1.0

Remove Windows Live Messenger from your computer


  • Uninstalls Windows Live Messenger in one click
  • No configuration needed


  • Uninstallation is not clean
  • No percentage or progress bar

Very good

Some programs are very easy to install, but a real pain to uninstall. A good example of this is Windows Live Messenger.

If you don't like it at all or prefer to use an older version- which requires uninstalling the one currently present on your system – your only option is WLMUinstaller, a handy tool that helps you get rid of this stubborn IM client.

WLMUinstaller doesn't require installation and is dead simple to use: run the program and it'll automatically detect which version of Windows Live Messenger is installed on your system. Then click Uninstall and after a few minutes, Microsoft's IM client will be gone.

WLMUinstaller doesn't perform a clean uninstallation – in fact, there'll be some traces left on your system – and doesn't give you any clue about how much is going - no percentage, no progress bar. But at least Windows Live Messenger won't bother you again.

If you want to get rid of Windows Live Messenger once and for all, WLMUinstaller is the tool you're looking for.



WLMUninstaller 1.0

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